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We are Digits - professional digital developers with strong focus on e-commerce. We can help you build the best shopping experience for your customers! It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or a mature company with complicated business processes, because we tailor solutions to fit your business and satisfy your customers. And don’t worry, we also support you along the whole project lifecycle.

User interface

The look and way your users love.

When we design solutions, we are primarily solving end user problems. Our storefront and back-office interfaces are created for easy and pleasurable use. When we say users, we mean both customers and those who operate the shop.

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From idea sketch to working application

Engineering and coding apps is our favourite part. This is when an idea goes live! The initial concept can be anything from developing a new solution to enhancing the functionality of the existing system. Ensuring you the results are modern, scalable and always secure software, we love doing it all!

Web application and services

Every online store needs a core application (website) in a cloud, where you can manage all your assets, data, product information and pictures, users, orders, payments and more. For that purpose we build simple and powerful websites for both shop administrators and customers.

Mobile applications

We are living in the mobile era! In some cases more the 50% of shoppers buy via smartphone devices. Therefore, we are happy to also provide mobile shopping experiences by producing iOS (Apple) and Android applications that are well integrated with the your core platform.


Usually, a shopping platform needs to be integrated with third-parties such as social platforms, payments, logistics, CRM or even ERP. We do seamless API integration with any third-party you wish!

Legacy software improvement

You can’t scale your business or implement new functionality because of an old or complicated system? We can help you to successfully implement new functionality or migrate to a new scalable and modern platform.

Tech consulting

Do you need requirements documentation, architecture design, solution evaluation for presentation or to be included in a business plan? Digits can help you here! We have strong expertise in digital consulting including documentation, design, development, project and product management.

  • Digits team has helped us to significantly reduce and optimize the costs of the development of our core product and mobile applications.

  • Digits quickly developed our hybrid apps (iOS and Android) and seamlessly integrated them with CRM. In one month we paid back the development and increased customer base.

  • We work with Digits' team a second year. Guys help us to build modern architecture and implement agile approaches. They are quality and timely perform development tasks.

  • Over 90% of the people that visit the help center find the information they're looking for without contacting us, which means the search and browse paths are highly effective.

    Dana Swinch
    Content manager Survey Monkey

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